Small Business - Onsite Services

The small business package was created to meet the needs of the small to medium size businesses. The monthly retainer helps keep costs down while providing businesses with ongoing support. The package includes monthly meetings onsite to be used to facilitate meetings, resolve conflict or even manage and coach individual employees. Additionally, the monthly package allows businesses to utilize the power of the Winslow assessment as a hiring tool thereby insuring the right people are hired for the right job.

Periodic Consultant Calls

Senior leadership team can call Monday through Friday during regular business hours for “as needed” coaching and consultation.

Two hour onsite visit can utilize any of the below services

Three Hour Onsite Services Provided

Presentation Skills Training

Senior managers and sales professionals whose business results depend on strong executive presentation skills in a public forum, as well as those seeking improvement as presentation trainers within their own organization.

Conflict Resolution

Facilitation Meetings

Performance Management

Presentation Skills