Motivation According to Hoyle provides group facilitation in regard to issues or topics under discussion. The facilitator works with the group as a whole and provides procedural help in moving toward a conclusion. The goal of both the facilitator and the group is to arrive at a collective decision through substantive discussions.

Motivation According to Hoyle facilitation has these basic features:

Why is it useful?

Facilitation brings out all points of view represented in the group. In a small group, a facilitator can encourage discussion from all participants. Sharing viewpoints stimulates discussion.

Time is often saved through facilitation. Ongoing differences of opinion or stalemate challenge a neutral facilitator. The application of facilitation skills is useful to break a stalemate and allow a group to move toward consensus.

Facilitation works for an open process. It ensures that the group is fully aware of the issues prior to discussion of steps to be taken. It ensures that points are clarified and elicit follow-up on questions.