Keynote Addresses

Tim offers two successful keynote addresses "Dynamic Communication" and "Be Yourself, What Choice Do You Have" These presentations will educate, inform and entertain. Audiences will walk away energized and experience breakthrough insights into their own and their teammates behaviors that will have lasting influence on how they go about relating to each other in the future.

Dynamic Communication

Dynamic Communication is a behaviorally-based communication seminar. It teaches people how to communicate using the DISC language as a way of understanding themselves and others. Participants will learn how to interact with others and to appreciate other's behavioral styles.

At the end of this talk, participants will:

Be Yourself, What Choice Do You Have

Tim discusses the secret to success in business and in life by sharing with you his User’s Guide to the Human Being.

We would all agree that managing our strengths and limitations is a key to leading a happier more effective life but admitting to ourselves that we have limitations can sometimes be elusive. Come to Tim’s talk and learn how to leverage the incredible power of self acceptance. Acceptance allows us to accurately gauge what we can do and what we can’t do. This talk will explain how to recognize the tell tale signs of denial and how to transform some of your biggest challenges into incredible opportunities.

Communicate to Influence

A one or two-day intensive, high impact program featuring presentation methodology to advance both sides of your message — behavioural delivery and message content. Expert instruction and dynamic exercises are paired with video feedback and Private Coaching for maximum effect. Programs are limited to 12 participants for the greatest impact.

Programs are tailored to your team’s specific needs. Not sure if our existing offering is the perfect solution for your group? We offer customization and will design the right program to address your team’s challenges, budget, and timing.