Team Strategic Communication


Three-Month Team Development Program

Enhanced team efficiency, improved morale, and increased ownership in bottom line results for intact teams.

Gain a thorough understanding of the expectations and challenges of building and maintaining a cohesive team Individual differences and similarities will be discussed with specific suggestions given on how to improve performance and productivity of the team, add other members to the team, manage stress and creatively solve problems. Teams members walk away with a clear sense of what they can do differently – both behaviorally and operationally – that will have meaningful impact on the team’s ability to succeed.

Target Audience Group Size and Timing

This program targets any intact teams including newly formed teams or underperforming teams.

Group size ranges from 4-15 people

Timing ranges from single sessions to three month programs depending on need and desired outcome.

Sustainable Benefits

Ability for team members to quickly identify one’s blind spots and strengths
Behaviors to build team trust, openness and creativity
Behaviors to build clearer communication and accountability

Executive summaries provided to client buyer
Team “User Manual” created to capture key learning and ongoing behavioral expectations

Clients That Have Utilized This Program

Contact Tim Hoyle founder of Motivation According to Hoyle for more information.

Going To Your Next Level

Clients who receive the greatest Returns On Investments in the fastest period of time are those who:

When these dynamics become cultural standards, improvement opportunities are exponential.

“I have received great personal and professional benefits from my work with Tim. Tim has incredible insight into understanding personal and team motivators and is a master at having the tough conversations. Tim's group training sessions helped me unify and energize my management team. These sessions have been the foundation for the success of my management team. The team still reflects on these powerful sessions and they continue to focus on open and honest communication, which allows for timely and effective decision making. I credit the work with Tim as a key success for the team's cohesion and performance.”

Chad Williams – EVP Client Services Advent Software