“Tim worked in partnership with the management team on a comprehensive initiative to fundamentally change the culture in our department. Using principles taught by Tim, the management team was able to positively change the culture in finance to one that is based on open and honest communication and one in which the employees feel appreciated and valued for their hard work.”

Dan Bessey, CFO Corporate Finance SureWest Telecommunications


“Tim helped me develop tools to allow me to recognize and diffuse difficult situations that usually resulted in me continuing my past mistakes. Tim had me set up actual trials and experiments using real work situations as proofs of his coaching guidelines. Each trial resulted in increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings because my co-workers were "freed" from my "driver-like" commands and sought to perform at a level of their own choosing. This far surpassed what I thought was possible. I was recommended and received a major promotion within 6 months.” 

Mike Connelly – Director of Major Projects Valero Energy Corp


“I have received great personal and professional benefits from my work with Tim.  Tim has incredible insight into understanding your personal motivators, having the tough conversations and holding your accountable for results.   I have also leveraged Tim's group training session to help me unify and energize my management team.  This session is the foundation for the success of the management team's results and incredible trust in each other.   The team still reflects on these powerful sessions and they continue to focus on open and honest communication, which allows for timely and effective decision making.  I credit the work with Tim as a key success for the team's cohesion and performance.”

Chad Williams – EVP Client Services Advent Software